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How to brilliantly and smartly overcome your freelancing writing challenges

overcoming challenges2Are you a freelance writer, or intending newbie willing to join the armies of existing freelance writers available currently the chances are that as an established freelance writer.

You obviously know what some of the inherent challenges of established freelance writers are, but for most newbie freelance writers just coming on board you’ll be hoping to weather the storm of challenges to be encounter with the combination of faith, hopefulness and encouragement. Honestly you’ll need more of this to brilliantly and smartly overcome your freelance writing challenges.

Except if you’ll be considering escaping this route/ channels of difficulties by considering pitching some of the existing content mills and trust me you don’t want to go through that unwholesome experience as the outcome of involving yourself with all these content mills are not the best.If you’ll honestly agree with me, because doing that might be best Described as Entrapment of the highest order.

For you as a freelance writer to brilliantly and smartly overcome most of your freelancing writing challenges, we’ll be considering what some established freelance writers have to say overcoming various challenges expected to encounter. Through this approach we are excellently certain of turning our experience around for good as we’ll be revealing a satisfactory ways of ensuring that whatever we must have experienced or experiencing does not have the best of us.

Some Freelance Writing Challenges and How To  Resolve These Challenges

  • How to Start Freelancing Writing, Freelance writing as we might have probably observed now, is a fast and quick way to start out online, especially if you’re considering a career shift or looking for ways of adding additional income to our current portfolio.  Starting a career in freelance writing shouldn’t be has problematic as we might have thought it’s. If you can follow some of the shared tips here on how to become a freelance writer by Leo Babauta.

  • Where to Get Clients, I know that as newbie freelance writer the most commonly known place to quickly getting client for some people is usually places like,, etc.  But in some of the post I’m going to be sharing here on where to get client faster.I’m so sure that these posts are going to always be your fall back on options to always motivate and assure yourself to get clients quickly. It’s so insightful and loaded by Tom Ewer, Sarah and Bamidele Onibalusi.

  1. How to find your first job by Tom Ewer

  2. Get-clients-that-pay by  Sarah  Russell

  3. How-i-repeatedly-get-high-paying-freelance-writing-clients by Bamidele Onibalusi

  • How to Overcome Self-Doubt as a Freelance Writer, Honestly, if there’re any reason most freelance writers are not established as they ought’s simply relatable to having self-doubt as most lack the required level of confidence required to publish that posts, articles, pitch editors as they constantly keep thinking about the fear of the unknown such as REJECTION in their freelance writing quest but to tell you the truth.

If you don’t make some mistakes rising to the top of the game will be obviously hard. “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes” by oscar wilde. Making mistakes helps us to improve better as a a freelance blog writer, obviously we know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, So it baffles me why you’re aiming for perfection on day one of your launching.

The growth we’re aiming for comes to us in tough times. If you don’t start over coming you self-doubt you might be stuck where you’re now for a very long time.

Here’s a post from Carol Tice on helping us overcome self-doubts.

  • How to Become Productive As Freelance Writer, If we really want to get and earn more from our freelance writing then we’ll all agree that becoming productive with our writing is a concept that we should all be embracing as we might know be able to succeed or maximize our effort as a freelance writer.

But becoming productive is very vital and instrumental to our being successful as a freelance writer and we are expected to horn our skills about it. Here’re some writing productivity tips coming from Bamidele Onibalusi and Leo Babauta called getting things done

  • How to Become a Superstar Blogger, I know you’re probably wondering what the connection between blogging and writing is. The truth from me to you is that without blogging our chances of being successful about freelance writing will be practically difficult to come by.

In this post I‘ll be revealing two topnotch super successful blogger that will be hinting us well on what it takes to become a superstar blogger. We have the Pat Flynn and Neil Patel as they both take us through How to become a superstar blogger.

  1. How To become a blogging superstar by Neil Patel

  2. Becoming a remarkable blogger by Pat Flynn

  • Overcoming Writers Block, Writer block is what all freelance writers consistently battle with. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written so many super successful posts, article and books. The fact is that it could still come for you but the way out of this is to have a way of solving this problem. On this, note I will like to bring in the super successful blogger of Darren Rowse opinion on overcoming writer’s block  and  to share with you how to overcome writer block.

  1. Battling/ Overcoming Writers Block by Darren Rowse

  2. 7 tips for overcoming-writer by  Mark Nichol

  • Meeting Deadlines, Meeting with deadlines is certainly part of the game. Meeting deadlines cannot be ruled out of freelance writing because it’s the only way clients measure our output.

And having completed your output it gets you rewarded. Knowing that deadlines are fast approaching compels you to get the clients work completed on time. It shouldn’t be perceived as a challenge except if you haven’t been doing what you’re supposed to do as a freelance writer. Here comes a post by Leo Babauta on 14 essential tips to meeting deadlines.

  • How to Write, Writing may not be as easy as it’s for some freelance writers as they basically struggles with everything writing here we are going to be seeing a formula that a super successful young freelance writer uses in writing his blog and how we can write fast.

  • How to Guest Blog, Guest blogging essentially helps you to get backlick to your blog and exposes for  you and your blogs as well as quality traffic for your blog. Which is what you really want for optimum success?.

Guest posting or blogging is a good way of marketing your blogs and service in other for you to get high paying client for your freelance writing services. The way this usually happens is that you focus on your by line by letting potential client know you’re up for hire. Therefore you don’t want to screw up whenever you’ve the opportunity of writing guest post.

  1. How to write a guest post by Glen Allsopp

  2. Guest-blogging-guide by Bamidele Onibalusi

How to Improve Your Writing Abilities,  In an attempt to superbly improve your writing ability you’ve to practice writing regularly and according to some veteran writers you must daily compel yourself to write 1000 words daily. I’ve been doing this regularly for some couple of months and I can clearly attest to the help writing regularly and ensuring it’s up to 1000 words as done for my writing career.

  • How to Launch a Freelance Writing With A Blog, To succeed as freelance writer then definitely we should know that have a quality blog that clearly shows our work sample is not a big waste of time. It’s what client will often consider to know if you truly deserve the pay you’re requesting for, it also give client the assurance that you know what you’re doing and can deliver.

Samples of our write up are so important to our survival as a freelance writer, it’s inevitable not to have a blog in this era of intense internet penetration and social media.

If you don’t have one now I’m encouraging you to set on up as quickly as possible. You can check this to read more on the post about launching a freelancing career with a blog by Bamidele Oni.

I want to say a big thank you to you for spending time to read this blog post. we want you to know that you’re highly welcomed here and we will like you to return always as you’ll always find insightful, educative and informative tips here.

Please help us to spread the post in every way you can. And if there’s anything you know that we might have not touched on. Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Love the post! I’m glad you mentioned Bamidele Onibalusi, because if anyone knows about writing, it’s def. that man.

    I don’t know how much you’ve messed around with warrior forum, but it’s a great outlet to get writing gigs, especially if you answer peoples request immediately, or if you network with some people that are looking to expand.

    My partner Matt discusses the power of forum marketing more at:

    Would love for you to stop by and give us your input Olatunji!

    Keep up the hard work brother, and have a great week!
    Ryan @ Manifest Income recently posted…Why You Should Be Building Relationships OnlineMy Profile

    • Thanks Ryan, most especially for liking the post and now more than ever before i know Oni Bamidele is certainly an hero to follow. i will definitely be checking that out.

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